To bring the hearts and minds of our soldiers’ home through healing and play one soldier, one family, one community at a time.


We strive to bring the hearts and minds of our soldiers’ home. It is our vision to do this primarily in three ways and we are always looking at new projects and programs to expand our efforts.

1. Through Play – we do this by introducing exciting and novel events into the lives of veterans through shared experiences with family and friends. With suicide and divorce being two of the biggest challenges facing our service members, the play that we provide is an integral part of returning the hearts and minds of our soldiers’ home.

By coordinating with events such as NHRA, NASCAR, professional sporting events and Academy of Country Music Awards and providing veterans and their families with once-in-a-lifetime VIP access at these events free of charge, we are restoring to our service members positive emotional connections with their families in a community setting. We strongly believe that until our service members can enjoy the simple things in life it is almost impossible to heal from their traumatic experiences.

2. Through Healing – once we have a hold of our soldiers’ hearts and they are present in the moment, we can bring them through their healing processes. Our vision is to do this in the following ways: PTS recovery programs the VA Triage Program, and the Post 9-11 War Memorial.

PTS Recovery Program © is a process of integrated services including NLP with Emotional Release Therapy, Timeline Therapy, NeuroFeedback Therapy, that includes a proprietary study guide, consisting of group study and mentoring, as well as non-traditional health care which includes chiropractic, acupuncture, and nutritional components.

VA TriageProgram © is a service that will help put our veterans back to work while providing much needed support to our existing VA Programs. We will do this by redirecting our worthy warriors into community services using their existing job skills in a program that will provide assessments, placement and treatment. We will work in tandem with the VA and the EDD to find where the need is and how we can provide the best levels of support through the coordinated efforts of respected community providers.

3. Through Honor – the Post 9-11 War Memorial©; a key component of healing for PTS to allow for the ability to reconcile with loss. This Memorial will allow family and friends of the fallen to honor and pay their respects, in the most personal way, including adding their non-military memories (coaching little league, playing with their children, volunteering at their local house worship, etc.) by uploading them into a permanent digital database. This will allow everyone to know the whole veteran, beyond their time in service. The Memorial will be a place to let the lost rest in peace and heal the hearts and minds of the living.