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To our wonderful family of friends and associates that we receive an outpouring of assistance from over and over again throughout the Year – WE cannot thank you all enough! As we move forward and expand our programs, we turn to those we have supported in the past as participants and recipients. We now humbly ask for your support. It takes an army of volunteers, months of planning, your generous donations and dedicated leadership to successfully serve our veterans. If you feel that we have provided a great service to you and your family, please Pay It Forward by financially giving back so that many others may benefit from the support and future success of Welcome Home Troops.

Suicide and divorce are two of the biggest challenges facing our Service Members. The services we provide are an integral part of helping them readjust to American life. Some of these events and services include:

– PTS Recovery Programs
– Professional Sporting Events
– Academy of Country Music Awards

Golf Tournament Information - September 10, 2017